Wood Fences

Alexandria Fence offers wood fences that are more sturdy and beautiful than the competition. Our wood fences are designed to fit your specific needs, whether its for security, aesthetics, privacy, for your dog, or whatever else, you can count on us to design and install the best wood fence system in town.

We pride ourselves on our top notch customer service and affordable prices. Also offering great warranty options, we would love to serve you today by helping you out with your wooden fence. Our team will seamlessly integrate your wood fence with your home or property for a beautiful final product.

Fully Customizable

The thing that gets us with wooden fences is that they are the absolute classic brand of fence that allows for so much customizability and individuality. At Alexandria Fence, we design and install your wood fence with this in mind.

Your fence should fit your personality. That is why our company works in direct consultation with you when designing your wood fence. The design possibilities are infinite, especially for our team of experienced professionals. If you want the best quality wood with the best looking final result, give us a call today. Our custom projects are guaranteed to fit your needs.


Wood fences really help to bring out that nostalgia of home improvement. Wood fences offer more when it comes to style customization because while other fence types are prefabricated components or come from preassembled components, wood fencing is like having a big slab to cut and shape however you like.

We at Alexandria Fence offer the full range of style options when it comes to wood fences. Whether short or tall, straight or concave, our experienced professionals love designing and installing wood fences for our customers in a wide variety of great looking styles. There are many aesthetic options as well.


When it comes to wood fences, the finish is very important. Our team of experienced professionals at Alexandria Fence knows the ins and outs of wood finishes. We offer a variety of finishes for your newly installed or older wood fence, from paint options to stained or natural wood finish looks.

Part of our job is to beautify your home and property by delivering the best looking wooden fence you could have hoped for. We work directly with you in determining what kind of finish would be best for your fence. All of our jobs are individually crafted for customer satisfaction, so we will find the best finish for your fence.


Wood fences are great for both a classic aesthetic as well as for security and privacy. At Alexandria Fence, we design your wood fence with all your needs and desires in mind. If you want a more private feel, we can certainly accommodate that. Maybe instead you want a more open design to attract good vibes. Rather still, maybe your wood fence encloses a play area for your kids or pets.

Regardless, the wood fence solutions offered at Alexandria Fence are the best in town. From professional installation to the best quality and handpicked wood, the amount of customizability our team is capable of will blow your mind. We are the best when it comes to wood fences.


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