Picket Fences

Is there anything more American than a picket fence? At Alexandria Fence, we have a chance to show off our patriotic enthusiasm for the classic picket fence option for your home or property. Did you know that the first picket fences were used to demarcate land and property on the frontier?

These wooden fence options are sturdy and allow daylight to shine through their evenly spaced cracks for a nice aesthetic. Our team at Alexandria Fence designs, installs, and repairs all kinds of picket fences. Our solutions are tailor made to fit your needs and budget. Whatever your picket fence needs, call us today! We can help.


Although the classic image of a picket fence is white and wooden, there are actually a variety of picket fence solutions to choose from depending on your particular needs and situation. Our company offers a catalogue of picket fence options for our customers to choose from. These options cover a wide variety of needs.

Our company at Alexandria Fence uses only the best materials for our picket fence work. We offer picket fence solutions for wood and cedar, aluminum, and vinyl. If you're not sure which one is right for you, our friendly representatives are standing by to offer advice.

Wood and Cedar

Wood and cedar provide that classic picket fence look, though maybe that depends on the paint job. With very little maintenance involved, wood and cedar picket fences are an excellent choice.

Our company provides great warranty choices for you as well. The wood we select for our picket fences is only the best quality. We hand select all the materials we use to ensure that our team provides you with the most premium materials at the best value. If you're in the market for a wood picket fence, your local fence company in Alexandria, Virginia has you covered.


For your picket fence, you may want to consider aluminum for both protection and appealing aesthetics. Aluminum is a preferred choice for its strength and durability, if not for the classic look.

We at Alexandria Fence choose only the best aluminum materials for the picket fence solutions we offer to our valued customers. With state of the art reinforcement capabilities, our team of experienced professionals know what we're doing when it comes to aluminum picket fencing for your home or property. Aluminum is also a favored choice because it is the least maintenance intensive of all the materials available.


At Alexandria Fence, we know our fences and our materials. That's why in addition to wooden and aluminum options for your fence, we also offer vinyl solutions to fence in your property. Vinyl offers the appeal of the classic look in that it imitates wood, but its properties make it less averse to the elements.

Simply put, vinyl lasts longer. It's a good long-term investment choice. Preferred for sturdiness, vinyl picket fences offer you longevity and durability. Using only the best materials, tools, and techniques, our team of experienced professionals can have your vinyl picket fence up and running in no time.


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