Fence Repair

At Alexandria Fence, we understand that you invested in your fence because you want it up and working at optimal condition. Our fence repair solutions and services offer you the promise of returning your face to the great condition you bought it in. Fences provide a layer of security, privacy, and safety. When it begins to deteriorate or is damaged, its provides those things less effectively.

Our team of experienced professionals will repair your fence – regardless or material – to get it back to what it was. We are familiar with all fence materials and repair techniques. Call us today for our affordable and top quality fence repair services.


Fences constitute an entire system, so if one part is damaged and needs repair, the rest of it isn’t necessarily in bad shape. That's why before undertaking a fence repair project, you need a thorough and honest assessment on the shape of your fence. You can call our company at Alexandria Fence if you are considering having fence repairs done.

Before doing anything, we will do a complete assessment of the state of your fence and provide you itemized results of what we find. Before getting to work on repairs it is important to note the exact components which require our team's attention.


Given that we are fence professionals at Alexandria Fence, we know all the components of fencing and how they're supposed to work together to form one complete system. That is why our comprehensive repair services include itemized fence components to isolate repair issues. This includes replacement posts when they are damaged. Posts can also get bent out of shape by the elements or other unforeseen causes. We straighten them. If you gate is the problem, we got that covered as well.

Our company also does board and post cap replacement. Our team goes from part to part to make sure our repair services get the job done fully the first time.


Maintaining your fence can be something that is easy to forget, but try not to. Just a bit of routine maintenance can extend the life of your fence by several years and work to enhance property value. As part of our comprehensive fence repair solutions and services, we also offer routine onsite inspections and maintenance for your fence.

We will just check the perimeter and make sure all of your materials are holding well. The best way to approach repair work is to prevent the need for it. If you have concerns about the wellbeing of your fence, call us today.

Any Fence

From wood and cedar to aluminum to vinyl, our team of experienced professionals at Alexandria Fence are equipped to repairs on any type of fence of any size and material. Since we only use the best materials, we know exactly how to isolate problems that needs repair.

Our team is skilled various techniques specific to the type of fence we are working on. That's why they call us pros. We have the knowhow to not only fix what ails your fence, but also to provide a plain and simple explanation for what constitutes the problem. We hold customer care up as our top priority, so we work closely with our customers every step of the way.


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