Fence Installation

When it comes to fence installation, look no further than your local professionals at Alexandria Fence. Serving Alexandria, Virginia and the surrounding areas, our team has accumulated many years of experienced in the fence industry and is prepared to offer you the highest quality service for your new fence. We cover every type of fence, from wood to ornamental to aluminum to vinyl.

Our goal is to give you the peace of mind in knowing that your new fence is being designed and built by the best in the business. If you manage a large property and need a security solution, or if you just want a fence for your lawn, our team has your fence installation needs covered.


When it comes to fence installation, our company at Alexandria Fence has one promise for all of our customers, which is that all the fence systems we install will be of the highest quality and durability. Our team is proud of its work. We are dedicated to delivering the best results and the best price. Not only that, but we are skilled in a wide variety of fence installation methods.

We handle large projects for bigger swaths of land, and we also do yard fencing for a more residential setting. Regardless of the job, our team is will deliver a full and complete quality fence system of your choosing.

Wood Fence Installation

Wood fences allow for a kind of classical craftsmanship that our team takes pride in. If you want wood fence installed, we are the company for you. Our team of experienced professionals has done a lot of fence installation jobs over the years. We can fix your exact specifications and keep the work soundly within your budget. We use only the best handpicked would for our full wood fence installation solutions and services.

Our team also offers a wide variety of finishes to give you that beautiful look you've been wanting for your home. Whether for privacy or aesthetics, the team at Alexandria Fence installs the best wood fence systems.

Chain Link Fence Installation

Chain link fence is a pretty ubiquitous part of our surroundings. Its literally everywhere. Chain link fencing is so common that we often forget its there and that it takes a degree of professionalism to install high quality and durable chain link fence systems.

Our team of experienced professionals at Alexandria Fence know chain link with the best of them. The installation process we employ is professional quality. The first stage is to set all of the posts in concrete. We set posts around 10 feet apart from each other and stretch the wire properly to achieve maximum durability. Our professionals are experts at chain link fence systems and can handle even the largest of chain link installation jobs.

Vinyl Fence Installation

In addition to wood and chain link, our team at Alexandria Fence also rounds out our catalogue by offering vinyl fence installation solutions and services as well. The advantage of a vinyl fence is that there's no beating vinyl fences in terms of longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.

In contrast with wood, vinyl fences don't need a finish as they will not fad or rot. When it comes to setting posts and measures and actually building the fence, there's no more trusted name than Alexandria Fence for fence installations solutions and services.


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