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Chain Link Fences - Alexandria Fence

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences sure are common. It is the most regularly used type of fencing because of its ease of installation, durability, and versatility. Interlocking wires provide strength to chain link. Steel framework and concrete footers further solidify the fencing to help it effectively fight the elements make it safe and reliable.

Chain link is also versatile because it can handle different grade changes, can be modified to have different gauges, has customizable aesthetics, and there are many adaptions customers can use, whether its slat, razor wire, or barbed wire. Our fence professional at Alexandria Fence know all the uses of chain link.

A Solid Choice

While places like military bases use chain link fence for security, and schools use them to the boundaries of their premises, chain link fence solutions are also a solid choice for residential projects, whether front yard or backyard. Chain link fences are strong yet cost effective. East to install, its no wonder that chain link fences are such a common choice for a wide variety of different needs.

You basically cannot go wrong with chain link, as it's durable and withstands the elements. It also provides a decent starting point for a security system. Whatever your chain link needs, you make a solid choice by choosing us at Alexandria Fence.

Custom Built

Our team of professionals at Alexandria Fence can design and install any type of chain link fence plan our customers need. Whether you need to cover acres of land or your yard, our company is the one to call for custom built chain link fences in Alexandria, Virginia and the surrounding areas. Regardless of the dimensions, whether it needs to be a high fence or low fence, we can provide the most professional service for any height.

When it comes to gates and gate sizes, our pros can help you out as well. Our company is dedicated to helping you getting the results you want when it comes to chain link fences.


We at Alexandria Fence know that whenever you need to install chain link fence around your home or property, the gauge size differences constitute an important part of the decision making process. Often used for large areas, no two chain link fences are alike. The netting and mesh size are important details as well. Out of a variety of weights and gauges, customers need to consider if they want a larger gauge at a size 9 or smaller size 12 for their particular needs.

Mesh diameter is also a component which needs consideration. Most commonly, mesh squares of 2 inches are found on chain link fences. Our chain link fence options are 3 feet and up. Whatever your chain link fence needs, we've got the solution.


At Alexandria Fence, our professionals take pride in our chain link fence installation services. The important components are netting, framework, fittings, and gates. Whether for security reasons in a large building or simply for a low cost fencing solution for your house, there is no chain link fence job our team can't do.

To tell you a little bit about our process, we space our stakes 10 feet apart and use straining wires up and down the fence line. We then insert a metal bar into one end of the fence and fastened to the another end point. We then pull the chain link roll tightly and secure it.


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